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Information for Stallion Exhibitors

The next Northern Stallion Showcase will take place on Sunday, April 5th, 2020.

Here you will find more detailed information relating to showcasing your stallion at the 2020 Northern Stallion Showcase.

Stallion Entry Fee: £120.00 + VAT = £144.00 (per stallion) for 2020

Benefits to include:
1. Entry for one stallion to the Showcase in the section of your choice (select on the Stallion Entry Form)
    Native, Sport Horse, Sport Pony.
    All stallions may be showcased either ridden or in hand but not loose.
2. Time in indoor Showcase arena 6 (six) minutes per in-hand stallion, 6 (six) minutes per ridden stallion, with commentary (you will be asked for details). An extra 2 (two) minutes will be allowed if progeny are also being shown.
(Outdoor 60m x 20m warm up arena available, with practice jumps, located immediately adjacent to both the stables and the showcase arena.)
3. Three complementary visitor tickets to the Showcase for every stallion entered. Additional tickets will be available to purchase online as soon as they are printed!
3. Full colour 1/4 page stallion entry in the Northern Stallion Showcase Guide (print and digital) and on the website at - to include:
    Name of stallion and studbook(s) in which registered and graded.
    Height, Colour, Breed/Type and Bone.
    One image and two generations of breeding details.
    Contact details - one or two telephone numbers, email address and a web address.
4. Online advertisement on for six months in one stallion category.
5. Inclusion in Facebook and Twitter promotions for the Northern Stallion Showcase - with image and/or video link - between the date of confirmed entry and the date of the Showcase in April 2020.
6. Space at the Showcase to display studcards only from those stallions entered.
Additional options are offered below to help you promote stallions not entered in the Showcase and for
the display of exhibition panels or roller banners.
7. Well targeted audience, all of whom will receive a free copy oif the Northern Stallion Showcase Guide. The running order will be available online and via social media before the date of the Northern Stallion Showcase and displayed prominently at the Showcase.
8. Regional and national promotion of the Showcase, plus content on on and, with a well planned and executed PR campaign, email marketing, social media and regional poster placement.

Additional options (select your choice on the Stallion Entry Form):
1. Stable (either internal stables or permanent outside timber stables) to enable Showcase visitors to view your stallion throughout the day. Allocation of the limited stabling is 'first come, first served' and bedding is included, with more available to purchase. There are only 16 stables available as the cost of providing additional temporary stabling is prohibitive.
Damage caused to permanent or temporary stables will be charged in full to the hirer.
    Cost: £40.00 + VAT for Saturday 6pm to Sundayy 6pm or part thereof. For a second night's stay,
    add £25.00 + VAT.
2. Up to two progeny, showcased at the same time as your stallion - £15.00 + VAT each.
3. Stud card display for stallions not entered in the Showcase. £10.00 + VAT per stallion.
4. Trade stand space for studs wishing to promote additional stallions or services.
     Cost: from £30.00 + VAT - please contact us to discuss your needs.
5. Additional advertising or editorial space in the Stallion Showcase Guide. (Your stallion will benefit from a 1/4 page listing in the Showcase Guide as part of his Showcase Entry.) Print ready artwork to be supplied by advertiser.
    1/8 page - £50.00 + VAT 1/4 page - £100.00 + VAT,
    1/2 page - £150.00 + VAT Full page - £300.00 + VAT
6. Promotional banner space around the Showcase arena - from £25.00 + VAT

Spectator Admission: £5.00 inc VAT with free car parking. (Advance tickets purchased online £4.00).
To include:
    1. Admission to the Showcase arena, warm up arena and stables to view the stallions.
    2. Official Programme for the Stallion Showcase with mobile numbers to enable individual contact
with stallion owners/handlers during the Showcase event.
    3. Commentary throughout the Showcase
    4. Catering available.
    5. Trade stands and Exhibitor Stud Cards.

For all stallions, horsebox parking will be adjacent to the Showcase arena in a designated area separate from the visitor car parking area. It will not be possible to park cars in the horsebox areas, except with specific permission from the organising team.
Entry wristbands, which will be sent to you prior to the event, must be worn at all times. Stewards have been briefed to charge an admission fee to anyone not wearing a wristband. Vehicle passes will also be issued prior to the event to ensure you are directed to the correct parking area.
There will be a designated area for display of stud cards but please note, no-one may display promotional materials for any stallion(s) not entered for the Northern Stallion Showcase, without payment of an additional fee. Please see the Stallion Entry Form for details.
There will be on-site catering open all day serving hot and cold drinks and food and there are toilet facilities within the main showcase arena building. Overnight accommodation for stallion exhibitors is available locally and should be booked direct - you will find more details on the Directions page.

Stabling, Warm Up and Showcase Arena

The stables are permanent stables, both internal and external, all immediately adjacent to both the Showcase arena and the horsebox parking area. All will be bedded with clean bedding, some straw, some shavings. Stables may be booked as day stables or for overnight use.
The stable areas will be open to the public from 10.00am, throughout the day. You can set up a small display near to your stallion's stable, but if you wish to attach anything to his stable, please do so using adhesive tape or similar that will not cause damage.
The outdoor warm up arena is available throughout the day for warm up and working in only. There will be material for practice jumps. Visitors will be able to view stallions in the warm up arena.
The showcase arena is adjacent to the horsebox parking, the warm up arena and the stables areas.
There will be professional commentary to accompany all stallion showcase performances and there will be professional photography and videography services available. You may also supply a CD of music to accompany your stallion's performance, which must be formatted for audio format, not computer playback.

Rules, Guidelines & Conditions of Entry

1. The Show Organiser referred to in this document shall hereinafter mean ‘The Northern Stallion Showcase’ or ‘The Showcase’.
2. The Show Organiser, Volunteers and Officials do not accept liability for any accident, damage, injury, theft or illness to horses, riders, owners, grooms, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.
3. The Organiser retains the right to decline or exclude or remove any person or animal from The Showcase or return any entry fee without being required to disclose a reason or being liable for any compensation.
4. The Show Organiser reserves the right to cancel, add to, or amend any aspect of The Showcase. Any such changes will be posted on the website and on social media as soon as is possible.
5. Entries close Wednesday, March 25th, 2020. Late entries may be accepted with an additional fee of £10 but will not appear in the Northern Stallion Showcase Guide due to print deadlines.
Stallion entry forms should be returned to: Expo Life, Howard House, Hethersgill, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA6 6HW. Full payment must be received before entries are confirmed.
6. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS, bank transfer or by credit/debit card. BACS or Bank Transfer is the preferred method of payment to HSBC City Branch, Carlisle, Sort code 40-16-22, Account Number 61185276.
7. Any payment that has to be represented to the bank or credit/debit card processor will be subject to a £15.00 administration fee.
8. Refunds for stallions booked to attend the Showcase, less an administrative deduction of £25 + VAT will only be given on receipt of a signed and dated veterinary certificate. Cancellations made after the close of entries date will be charged in full, including any additional options booked.
9. If The Showcase is cancelled, due to weather or other unforseen circumstances, a refund of entry fees, less an administrative/promotional deduction of £40 + VAT will be made.
10. Hats to a current safety standard, with all straps fastened, must be worn at all times when mounted. Correct show dress must be worn in the showcase arena and stallions should preferably be turned out / plaited as for a show.
11. The stables will be open to the public and spectators will be encouraged to meet the stabled stallions and the stud owners. Spectators will also be able to watch the stallions in the warm-up arena. Mobile contact telephone numbers in the running order will assist spectators in contacting stallion owners/handlers.
12. Stables will be bedded with either straw or shavings on rubber mats - first come first served - and must be booked on the Stallion Entry Form.
Overnight stable bookings run from 6pm – 6pm. Stables must be left clean or a £15 fee will be payable. Stables should be occupied by 10.00am when the stables are open to the public.
13. Smoking is not permitted at any time anywhere on the showground.
14. Dogs are permitted in the horsebox, car parks and outside of the warm up arena only. They must be kept under control at all times and must not be taken into the Showcase arena. If, in the opinion of the Show Organiser, any person fails to control their dog(s) they may be asked to leave.
15. All warming up must be done in the outdoor arena.
16. Anyone found abusing any horse or pony on the showground may be asked to leave.
17. The Show Organiser reserves the right to remove any vehicle obstructing any area of the showground, even if locked and unattended. The Show Organiser will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage caused by such removal.
18. Any photographs or video taken at the Showcase by the Official Photographers may be used by the Show Organiser for promotional purposes.
19. No person shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent, handler or rider to showcase or be prepared to showcase, without taking adequate precautions to ensure other persons or animals are not put at risk of injury. It is strongly recommended that appropriate insurances are in place.
20. Any progeny representing a stallion at the Showcase must be presented correctly turned out and must be well mannered and appropriately trained. Any animal deemed to be out of control at any time will be required to leave the Showcase arena. Progeny should ideally be geldings or well-mannered colts - please think very carefully about mares and fillies and do advise the organisers well in advance of an intention to bring a mare or filly. Please ensure you have enough riders / handlers.
21. The Show Organisers reserve the right to invite any stallion to attend the Showcase.
22. All promotional materials /studcards should only be be displayed in the designated areas.
23. No printed literature is to be used for any promotional purposes, including information about stallions not entered for The Showcase, without prior booking and payment in full. Any such literature found displayed will be removed by the Show Organiser.

This information is available for download here (as a PDF file).