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Timetable for Stallion Exhibitors

Gates open for stallion owners and trade stand holders – 8.30am
Gates open for visitors – 9.30am
Admission £5 per person, no concessions are available but children under the age of 8 will be admitted free. Admission includes free car parking and a copy of the Northern Stallion Showcase Guide containing information about the stallions being presented.
Trade stands open 9.30am
Stables open for viewing – 10.00am onwards.

Showcase Arena Running Order

The 2020 Showcase performance begins at - time to be confirmed. The running order will appear below:-

There will be professional commentary throughout the day and catering providing hot and cold take-away food. There are public toilets adjacent to the Showcase arena.

We hope you enjoy your day – visitors will be encouraged to visit the stallions in their stables and are reminded that stallions should be treated with commonsense and respect at all times. Stables will be identified with the stallion's name and bedding is provided. If your stallion is in the permanent stables, please skip out before leaving.

Pre-showcase and 'on the day' publicity

There may be opportunities for pre-showcase and 'on the day' publicity for a number of stallion exhibitors. The Showcase office will liaise with respect to requirements and deadlines as appropriate.